I love to read! I read everything: hard cover, paperback, e-books, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, and even product packaging. I love reading alone and with my grandkids… but I am passionate about being able to share that excitement and love of reading with my students and their parents.

I truly believe:

  • Families want their children to be successful.
  • Children benefit greatly when parents and teachers work as a team.
  • Family literacy events can be fun and informative.
  • Parents appreciate specific, doable suggestions to assist their children at home.

Working with families, I have learned so much from them: how difficult schedules can be, that time together is scarce, that family structure is changing, and that families look toward educators for answers and support. I want everyone to experience reading as a source of comfort, exhilaration, communication, and learning.  

Me At a Glance

Name: Susan (Sue) E Busch
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

  • BA in Dance and Ele. Ed. from State University College at Brockport
  • EdM in Reading from University at Buffalo

Interesting fact: First in Western New York to receive certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in Early and Middle Childhood Reading and Language Arts

Interests: flute and guitar, Civil Air Patrol, zumba fitness    

As a Family Literacy Consultant, I have developed and facilitate two types of events that schools may be interested in hosting. Both types of events extend learning beyond the school day and encourage communication between families and schools.

Literacy Motivation Evenings for Kids & Parents:

Literacy Motivation Evenings for Kids and Parents engage students and parents in enjoyable activities to support and extend literacy. Parents work with kids in applying skills they are learning in school.

CSI Night

Works best with grades 4 and/or 5.

Students are sworn in as Detectives and work together in teams to examine evidence and solve a mystery. This program requires students to listen and read critically, work together, and provide evidence to support conclusions. Parents/caregivers can observe or be involved in activity.

Literature Treasure Hunt

Works best with grades 4 and/or 5. Can also modify for grades 2/3.

Students listen to passages read aloud. Within each passage is a clue to another place in the school. Students must discover the clue and explain its relevance to the next destination. Parents/caregivers participate and help with discovering clues.


Works best with grades 2 and/or 3, but can be modified for any grade level. (choice of fiction or non-fiction workshop)

Parents/caregivers work with students to write an 8 page book, with the help of an outline form. Materials and step-by- step directions are provided to teach adults and students how to bind the pages into a semi-hard cover book.

Pajama Reading Night

Generally for grades kindergarten and 1 but can be modified for PreK or Gr. 2/3.

Parents/caregivers and students participate in 4 stations: 2 story activities, a sing-along, and a snack. Prepared parent tips are shared in the story and music stations, providing parents/caregivers with suggestions they can use at home.

Camp Out with Books

Works with grades 1 and 2.

Same as above, but the story and music theme would be outdoors and camping.

Parent/Caregiver Education Nights:

Parent/Caregiver Education Nights help parents/caregivers identify activities and strategies that are easily incorporated into home routines to boost learning. The comfortable environment encourages parents to ask questions and share experiences.

Calling All Dads/Dad and Me

Special fun night with male caregivers (but any adult may attend). Students attend with adult and participate in a variety of activities to promote communication and learning. Adults are made aware that learning can occur during fun, creative activities, not just schoolwork.

Organize It/Homework Helpers

An evening for parents/caregivers to learn strategies for helping their children organize their work space and homework. Coffee station for adults is recommended and supplied by the school.

Wrap It Up/Gifts for Fun and Learning

A parent/caregivers session with optional student room activities. Participants will receive information on interesting and enjoyable gifts that will enhance learning.

School's Out/Vacation Learning

An experiential workshop for parents/caregivers in which they will learn about educational activities and opportunities that can be done at home to prevent “summer slide” by students.

Coffee station for parents is recommended and supplied by the school

Reading To and With Your Child

Explore easy ways to make reading with your child more enjoyable and support the strategies they are learning in school.

I have other topics available and am happy to work with your school to devise a program to meet the needs of your families. Schools may contact me to learn more or schedule an event.

Talking to Young Kids About Recent Violence

Whether a child you know has actually witnessed violence first hand or has seen pictures on TV, it is a difficult topic to discuss. A great resource to begin that conversation is the book, A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret M. Holmes, published by Magination Press, imprint of the American Psychological Association. Guidelines and resources are listed in the back of the book. Ages 4-8.


The home-school connection is important to student literacy achievement. However, it can be time-consuming to develop and implement programming that keeps families engaged and involved. Empowering Families makes it easier to accomplish these goals! Chock-full of step-by-step plans for arranging a variety of parent/caregiver meetings and literacy booster events, the book enables educators get families involved in their children’s learning in ways that are fun and non-intimidating.

By hosting these events at your school, you’ll be empowering families to…

  • Read aloud to their children at home;
  • Minimize the “summer slide”;
  • Encourage male involvement in literacy;
  • Help their children avoid homework hassles;
  •  Bonus: The book includes ready-to-use handouts for your events, such as announcement sheets, follow-up evaluations, and tip sheets you can give parents on how they can reinforce literacy at home.
  • And much, much more!

Order the Book


IBSN (paperback) 978-1-13-880311-4
IBSN (hardcover) 978-1-13-880309-1
192 Pages

If you have any questions about the book or would like more information about evening programming for your school, I'd love to talk with you.